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New Parents Connecting

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Where can I connect with other families and the larger Down syndrome community?

As new parents learning that our child had Down syndrome, the overwhelmingly common question that we all asked was “What will life be like?”. Of course, no one can ever answer that question completely, but connecting with other families living with Down syndrome is often the beginning of feeling positive about the future.

Many new parents voice a need to connect (both figuratively and literally) to other families who have a child or loved one with Down syndrome. Indeed, many of us cite a connection with peers and a wider community as a key factor in coming to terms with our child’s diagnosis. While we could never possibly have a complete list of places where you can find peers, read and share stories and generally connect with others who understand what you’re going through, we hope these ideas will be helpful to you and your family.


New Parent Videos

Books for Siblings

Books for Parents


Social Media (there is a seemingly unending list of resources out there!)

a. Facebook pages & groups (this is a sampling, there are many more!)

1. Down syndrome Association of Toronto (DSAT)

2. TwentyONEderful

3. Circle 21

4. DS Durham Moms

5. Trisomy Nutrition & Supplementation

6. Down syndrome Speech & Language Therapy

7. Babies born in (year) Rockin DS

8. Down syndrome Advocates and Supporters

9. Down syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation (DSRTF) now called Down syndrome Cognition Research Foundation – Lumind

10. Down syndrome parenting tips

11. World Down syndrome Day

12. Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network (DSDN)

b. Twitter (many of the blogs in the next section also have Twitter accounts)

1. Circle 21


c. Blogs

1. Happy Soul Project

2. Down wit Dat

3. Pudge & Biggs

4. Noah’s Dad

5. Sipping Lemonade

6. With a Little Moxie

7. DS blogs

Face to Face groups

Connecting directly with another parent (via email, phone or in person)


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