Our mission is to support and empower individuals with Down Syndrome and their families throughout the GTA. Through programs and resources, we are able to advocate, raise awareness and promote integration and participation within an inclusive community.

Established in 1987, DSAT is an organization that is run by volunteers, parents and caregivers.  As a non –profit charity, we rely strictly on fundraising, donations and grants which support these initiatives.  DSAT is an association that has representation on school Boards, Committees and coalitions, and as advocates for individuals with Down syndrome our aim is to dispel myths and change public perception.  Our principles are :

  • All persons with Down syndrome have the same civil and human rights as all other Canadian citizens.
  • All persons with Down syndrome have the right to be raised at home with family.
  • All persons with Down syndrome are entitled to quality medical care, without prejudice, including newborns.
  • All persons with Down syndrome have the right to support and services as needed without prejudice.