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Camp Diversability

08 August 2017 19:00 – 13 August 2017 22:00
Location: Camp Diversability, Mulmur, Ontario, Canada
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One Week, Adult, Sleep-Away, Leadership Program

August 8 - 13, 2017

Mulmur, Ontario

Supporting the Development of Special Leaders

Camp Diversability



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Camp Diversability is a volunteer-based, collective effort which brings together motivated young adults, with ‘special needs’ or ‘alternate abilities,’ who wish to work on personal growth, leadership, confidence and ways to contribute their gifts in their community in order to strengthen self-esteem and personal power. Each person can be a leader, in their own right, and share their unique gifts.

Camp Diversability’s host location is Unicamp of Ontario, deep in the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve Forest. Operating for 45+ years, spring, summer and fall, and is an off-the-grid, eco-conscious community. For more information about Unicamp, please visit their site:

Camp Diversability creates opportunities for participants to learn about, develop collectively and demonstrate their leadership skills through interactions with each other, within the Unicamp community, through the year and beyond camp. This year the campers will be challenged with planning and organizing a talent show from start to finish which they will perform for the larger Unicamp community.

Space is created for organic learning opportunities to arise and making sure there is time to enjoy a wide range of recreational activities, including swimming, caving, trekking on the Bruce Trail, arts, crafts, dance and sports.

Unicamp has similar values to Camp Diversability’s, which are to: 

• understand and acknowledge the importance of each person
• seek kindness in all we do
• foster the freedom to learn together and to search for what is true
• affirm that all people need a voice
• work to build a fair and peaceful world
• care for our sacred earth with awareness of the interconnectedness of all beings and circumstances

It is unanimous that last summer was a great success! We had a group of devoted volunteers who worked with engaged participants who were enriched by the experience. The volunteers learned so much from the participants as well.

As a way to enhance their leadership opportunities, and deepen their friendships, our returning participants are now Directors of Camp Diversability. They gather together every two months to make decisions regarding the next camp (2017).

WAYS TO SUPPORT CAMP DIVERSABILITY, *See our website or contact us for further details.

• be a Male or Female Senior or Junior Team Mentor at camp
• workshop/presenter at camp (come to Unicamp and teach a workshop in drama, music, arts or dance or what you feel would benefit the campers and eat and spend the rest of the day with us.)
• lifeguard
• help us research busing options and funding
• connect us to private or corporate funding
• help organize and/or support at the bi-monthly Directors meetings, held in Toronto and York Region
• provide a mid-city location for our Director meetings
• send us leadership stories of how you have been inspired and positively impacted by a great leader, which we can post on the website.
• help us with social media
• spread the word about this project and share our website

If you feel that you would like to catch this wave and ride it with us, please contact us to see how you can add your power, support and skills to the mix. Camp Diversability Team Mentors are excited to learn what we can from our participants and volunteers. Let’s see what kind of magic we can create together!

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