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Learning Together in the School Community is a comprehensive teacher resource featuring classroom ideas, accommodations, building independence, technology, behavioural concerns, planning for changes, and so much more.

The Quick Guide Resources for the School Community features information geared for school support staff, teaching assistants, administration, substitute teachers, and classmates. There are also different resources to help educate about Down syndrome.

Back to School Resources

Wearing a mask to school [pdf]

Back-to-School Mental Health Kit

Advocacy in education

Negotiating the Maze – Strategies For Effective Advocacy In Schools

Preparing for a Successful School Meeting

Effective Home/School Communication

Education – General

A Guide for Families of Students with Down syndrome

Preparing for kindergarten

Understanding the Role of the EA

The Individual Education Plan (IEP)

Teachers – What to Expect

Education – Other

Suspension: What You Need to Know

Thinking of Post-Secondary Education?

The Transition to Post-secondary Studies

Facing the Challenges of Post-Secondary Education

Home-based Learning

Mental Health

Stress Reduction for Parents: Mindfulness

Survive and Thrive Through the Lockdown

Readiness for the Safe Return to School: Findings from the 2020 Autism Ontario Education Survey

Positive Advocacy Strategies for School – The IPRC Process with Ed Mahony

Ed Mahony is both a Parent Advocate and Special Education Resource Teacher. He supports parents in learning to provide positive, practical and proven strategies to work successfully with their children’s schools to address special education needs. Ed also provides individual consultation to families in person, online and by phone throughout the province. Contact Ed at or at 905-906-6021 (text).

Surrey Place  Events

Autism Ontario  Events

Autism Ontario  Webinars

p4p Planning Network Webcasts

Yoga for the Special Child® – 95H Certification Program

YOGA FOR THE SPECIAL CHILD (YSC) was created by Sonia Sumar fifty years ago to enhance the natural development of children with special needs. The Basic One Program is a comprehensive training course in the theory & practice of yoga techniques for babies and children with learning and/or developmental disabilities from 0 – 12 years old.  It offers a unique learning environment for children and their parents, special education teachers, yoga teachers, massage therapists and adaptive physical education teachers.  Yoga for the Special Child® Programs are also appropriate for the continuing education of health-care specialists in a variety of fields including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Paediatric and Rehabilitation Nursing.

Yoga for the Special Child® is a Yoga Alliance Registered School and approved by the International Assn of Yoga Therapists.

Reading Video 1: Successful Strategies for Beginning Readers with Down Syndrome
This 30-minute video outlines our successful strategies for beginning readers and contains both practical ideas as well as footage of these ideas in practice. It is never too early or too late for learning to read and these strategies can be used with very young children to the adult learner.

Reading Video 2: Successful Strategies: Memory, Phonological Awareness and Beginning Phonics
This 30-minute video is the companion to Successful Strategies for Beginning Readers and supports the next step in reading development. The video explains that students with Down syndrome may have difficulties with auditory memory due to auditory processing difficulties and/or hearing loss, and demonstrates activities that target the development of auditory memory.

Reading Video 3: Developing Phonics Skills and Reading Fluency
This video demonstrates a variety of activities you can use to support the development of phonics skills and reading fluency. Skills focused on are digraphs and consonant blends, segmenting and blending, and reading fluency.

3.21: Canada’s Down Syndrome Magazine, a joint publication of the Canadian Down Syndrome Society and the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation.


3.21 Magazine

Together with The Down Syndrome Resource Foundation, the Canadian Down Syndrome Society publishes and digitally circulates 3.21 – Canada’s Down Syndrome Magazine, four times a year.

3.21 is written for and about the Down syndrome community in Canada – it includes stories about advocacy, advice from professionals, the latest news, and important dates about upcoming events and activities.

Download the Latest Issue Here