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New Parents of Babies with Down Syndrome

Although this journey is unique, you are not alone. You have now become part of a supportive, caring and welcoming community.

“Your child has taught you to see the world through unconditional love.” – Nancy Dyer”

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Whether you are expecting or have just welcomed your new baby, receiving a diagnosis of Down syndrome (DS) for your child can be overwhelming and confusing. Thank you for reaching out to the Down Syndrome Association of Toronto . We’re glad you’re here.  We are here to help support you, provide you with the information you require, and connect you with other  members of the community who are parents raising children with DS in the GTA. We believe no family should feel alone and we have trained peer parent supporters who would love to talk to you one-on-one as soon as possible.

This section of the website has been curated and written by parents of children with DS to help reflect the different experiences and needs we felt when our children received their diagnoses. At DSAT, we feel strongly about supporting new parents. This time is a very emotional one; with joy, pride, and love often sitting alongside confusion, fear and even grief. Everyone will process the diagnosis of their child differently. We want to assure you that there is no right or wrong way to feel.

You probably have numerous questions about the practical and medical impact the diagnosis will have on your child’s life and the life of your family. You may feel like you’ve been pushed into a new world and you don’t even know where to buy a map. The sheer volume of materials and information available online can be overwhelming. Some may even be outdated and inaccurate.

Many of us have found strength and comfort connecting with other parents who are raising children with DS. We hope that if you’re not ready to talk to a DSAT peer supporter, that you’ll take a moment to review the New and Expectant Parent Package, “21 Welcomes” which was created by CDSS

Where Should I Go From Here?

There are many misconceptions about Down Syndrome.  Please take a moment to gain knowledge about programs and resources regarding Down Syndrome.
Download our New Parent Package

Reach out to the New Parent Mentor Program.  This program allows existing parents of children with Down Syndrome to visit new parents to share their knowledge and resources.

New Guidelines by Health Supervision for Children and Adolescents With Down Syndrome (by American Association of Pediatrics)

A Jack’s Basket is a complimentary welcome gift for the family of a baby diagnosed with Down syndrome. Baskets include baby gifts, a collection of books and resources, and the opportunity to connect with a parent raising a child with Down syndrome. Request a Basket Here.

Connect With Other Parents

Welcome New Parents

The New Parent Mentor Program provides nurturing relationships and access to community resources.


Connect With Other Parents

Read about the experiences of others to learn more about having a child with Down syndrome.

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Down Syndrome FAQs

The most-asked questions and answers about Down syndrome.

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“Your child has taught you to see the world through the eyes of unconditional love.’”– Nancy Dyer