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We are so please and proud to announce that one of our Directors of the DSAT's Youth Action Committee and DSAT's Camp Diversability, Dylan Harman Livaja along with another DSAT member Krystal Hope Nausbaum and five other very talented actors have been performing to sold out audiences at the Young Centre for the Performing arts in the Distillery District.  The story is very powerful as it offers the audience a look into what it was like to be a person who was considered to be an "imbecile" and be condemned to a life in the Huronia Institution between 1861 and 2009. Towards the later years, awareness, community support and understanding grew which greatly decreased the number of people in the institution and resulted in an increase in nursing staff which resulted in better care.  

This is the stark backdrop to a love story between two males, one of the "inmates" and a "normal" staff member of the institution.  The story delved into many of the challenges around love.

The actors presented the story so well. There is a mountain of script to present and it was executed to perfection to a standing ovation.   Judith Thompson is the playwright and Director and our hat goes off to you Judith for an exceptional experience, education and strong memories you and your team delivered to us.

There is still time to catch Wildfire and support our members as it is running till May 20, 2017.  

Other Cast Actors:

Andreas Prinz

Michael Liu

Suzanne Love

Nicholas Herd

Sarah Carney


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