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In honour of World Down Syndrome Day

In honour of World Down Syndrome Day, Tuesday, March, 21.

This is Sophia, she is a shining example of someone who loves her life. She is a Director of the Youth Action Committee (YAC) for the Down Syndrome Association of Toronto and a beautiful woman with Down syndrome.

You may see the numbers 3/21 associated with this day. It means that the 21st chromosome has three, instead of two pairs, in people with Down syndrome.

On March 18, 2017, there was an event for World Down Syndrome Day where Sophia and her fellow YAC Directors spoke to a packed room. They spoke powerfully about what was important to them and how their lives were shaping up.

The video "I Am Sophia" was showcased at this event.

I was approached afterwards by a young mom, with a gorgeous little baby in her arms, who told me that hearing these YAC Directors speak demonstrated to everyone there that people with Down syndrome are creating fun and full lives, they are contributing to society and have hope for a rich future and this gave this mom hope for her daughter to live a rewarding life and I am sure, gave hope to many other families.

These YAC Directors are very brave and courageous adults and are faced with some massive obstacles and atrocities throughout their lives.
But we are thrilled to witness tides shifting and this is due to advocacy on the part of people with Down syndrome, fierce and relentless work on the part of their parents who stand strong for inclusion and other individuals and organizations who advocate on their behalf.

We are thrilled to see the collective consciousness softening, becoming open, developing awareness, showing a willingness towards acceptance, inclusion and seeing the abilities in every living soul.

I have had the gift of being surrounded by these amazing adults for many glorious years. They have taught me how to tune into their frequency and how to open myself further to be able to receive the potency of what they have to teach me. Many times I just stand there in awe of their magic and I have to constantly remind myself to turn my brain and limiting beliefs off and open my heart wider.

A while back I had sustained a spinal injury that I suffered through for over 10 years and was finally healed through energy medicine called Bio Feedback. I have learned so much about this modality through my healing journey. Because of this unique education I am able to see that many people with Down syndrome are energy medicine masters and teach unconditional love. Doesn't that sound like what we need focus on to create a more peaceful existence on this earth? Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I secretly think that people with Down syndrome come here, to this earth, to teach us that.... and we are listening.

When I am in their presence, I feel like I can be myself because there is absence of judgement. I feel loved unconditionally. I can tell you that, other than in my own family, and a few friends, this is a rare and glorious environment to be in!

When I am around these beautiful people, my frequency gets higher and I can feel every cell in my body vibing out. Just like I did when I was getting Bio Feedback. It feels like a party in my body! Sometimes I can ride that vibe for two days!

This kind of environment allows me to breathe deeply, gently expand into who I am and be fully present in each moment.


With deep gratitude to my dearly beloved tribe and teachers!


Yvonne Bloom

Director DSAT


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