“All kids need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them” – Magic Johnson

Parents of a Child or Teen with Down syndrome

Despite individuals with Down Syndrome having a mild to moderate intellectual impairment, your child with Down Syndrome CAN AND WILL LEARN. In fact, they are capable of developing skills throughout their lives. Recognize the contributions your child makes and how much they can achieve. They may need a little help reaching milestones but the wait and effort will make every milestone a celebration.

As your child grows, we will help you understand the special education evaluation and Individualized Education Plan (IEP). During this time your child will grow and develop the same social needs as others in their age group. They may also develop health and behavioural problems which can lead to mental health issues.

Teens with Down Syndrome will experience mood swings, they will push your boundaries, feel confused, experience crushes and first loves – just like any other teenager.  They may experience these changes a little later than individuals without Down Syndrome, they will be just like any other teenager, including spending a long time in the bathroom!

Teens with Down Syndrome start puberty at approximately the same age as other teens. They may have a difficult time handling their strong emotions and feelings. It is during this time you need to find services and options that are available to your teen for which they are qualified to receive as an adult.

Parents of a Child or Teen with Down Syndrome

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Parents of a Child or Teen with Down Syndrome

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