The Down Syndrome Association of Toronto has formed an affiliation with several community organizations. The families who register for their programs are eligible for a $100.00 discount and must submit a receipt to in order to receive the subsidy discount.

DSAT offers a subsidy, to be used once, towards membership with the following organizations:

Online AAADD Program

AAADD offers adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to further develop their academic skills while building social skills within an online college environment.

Shadow Lake Weekend Respite Program

Shadow Lake Weekend Respite is a weekend program we offer throughout the year for guests to come for a short weekend getaway.


Participants will have the opportunity to develop sports, physical activity, and social skills in the context of a variety of sports activitie.

Happy Baby Signs

We are pleased to partner with Happy Baby Signs to provide a 7-week sign-language program! The program uses American Sign Language (ASL).